Thanks to many years of experience in the field of development from the stage of the investment concept to the enterprise reaching its design capacity, TOMS-project LLC has become in demand as a supervisory company for conducting a technical and technological audit of the construction of mining and processing complexes in order to provide reliable information to creditor banks and investors …

  • Technical expertise (general construction and technological) of investment projects
  • Monitoring of investment projects
  • Technological and price audit of large investment projects, including those with state participation
  • Market research of commodities and materials for the relevance and economic feasibility of choosing a supplier or final product
  • Assessment of the technical feasibility of implementing a project with specified technical characteristics
  • Expertise of applied technologies and technological solutions
  • Analysis of the impact of the project on the environment, assessment of the environmental safety of the project
  • Audit of the quality control system at the enterprise

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