EPCM-contract (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management)

EPCM is an international form of general contracting agreements. The main difference between EPC and EPCM is that in EPCM responsibility is shared between the customer and the contractor.

We are engaged in project management from the moment of design to the delivery of the finished object to the customer with fixed deadlines for the delivery of the project:

  • Managing not only individual types of work, but the entire project
  • Planning types of work, hiring personnel, procurement activities
  • Control at all stages of the project
  • Project Engineering Group attracts experienced contractors by competitive selection

EPС (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)

An EPC contract is a contract concluded between a customer and a contractor. According to the EPC contract, the contractor performs the full cycle of work and is responsible for the risks associated with construction.

When using the EPC contract, we, as contractors, will perform the following services:

  • Engineering – survey, design and coordination works;
  • Supply – we make the selection and purchase of materials and equipment for the entire project;
  • Construction – we carry out construction, assembly and commissioning works.

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